• If I can convert even 25% of the people I met to a mutually beneficial business relationship, ELL will have been more than worth it!

    John Harrison, UniGroup Worldwide Logistics
  • ELL has given me the opportunity to meet people face to face. The personal contacts makes a big difference to business relations.

    Mike Weeks, Micor
  • ELL is a great event that provides good opportunities to connect with the right people at the right place. Great to be part of this event.

    Vikrant Gogia, Group A Logistics India

Enabling Freight Forwarders to Grow

Event Logistics Live (ELL) is a highly interactive, entertaining forum and the most valuable networking opportunity of the year for freight forwarders in the events industry.

Whether you're a trade association member or not, ELL is a chance for site agents to meet import/export agents, big players to meet smaller players, and for you to spend time with hundreds of other specialist freight forwarders from all over the world. Take advantage of 20 meetings over two days, all in a fun, informal environment.

As the events industry expands globally, so do your opportunities for business development! You can't afford to miss an event that allows you to:

Pre-book 20 face-to-face meetings with the people you really want to talk to
Network with scores of international agents and develop perfect partnerships
Build your global networks in a fun, informal environment

Be Part of a Global Community

Here's what previous delegates have said about the event:

ELL 2013

think ELL will bring commercial value to their company

said they would attend a future ELL

said ELL provided a good networking environment!

Thanks for joining us at ELL 2014!

We had a fantastic time with everyone who made it to our first winter edition of ELL! Thanks for being such a great community to work with. Take a look at the photos from 2014!

If you couldn't make the event this year, sorry you missed it! Here's who came:

The 2014 Delegate List:

Carlos Arauz - ADF Asesores de Flete S.A., Spain

Bob Stinson - Airways Freight Corp., USA

Ziad Harb - BCC Logistics KSA, Saudi Arabia

Eric Awater - BTG Expo GmbH, Germany

Philipp Woll - BTG Expo GmbH, Germany

Carole St-Cyr - Cargolution, Canada

Jordan Page - CEVA Showfreight, UK

Dean Wale - CEVA Showfreight, UK

Mike Barrett - Charles Kendall Freight, UK

Sunny Kalsi - Delport Business Xpress Logistics e.K., Germany

Zafer Keskin - DHL Freight, Turkey 

Vincenzo Scrudato - DHL Freight, Russia 

Wayne Forster - EBISS UK LTD, UK

Leon Jeffery - EBISS UK LTD, UK

Suresh Samikutty - E-Freight International LLC, UAE

Shine Choe - Eplus Expo Inc., South Korea

Steve Hwang - Eplus Expo Inc., South Korea

Neil Goatcher - Exhibition Freighting Ltd., UK

Oliver Stockmann - Expo-Cargo AG, Switzerland

Dilek Degirmenci - Expo-Cargo AG, Switzerland

Anna Akimova - Expo Forward, Russia

Elena Surkova - Expo Forward, Russia

Maria Mambelli - Expotrans Srl, Italy

Olga Serzhantova - OOO Expotrans, Russia

Yener Tezyener - Express Fair Logistics, Turkey

Jörg Reinert - FAIREXPRESS GmbH Messespedition, Germany

Christiane Roelfs - FAIREXPRESS GmbH Messespedition, Germany

Albert Perianayagam - Felix Logistics Expo, Malaysia

Claudio Machado - Fulstandig, Brazil

Lloyd Bramwell - GES, UK

Mike Priestley - GES, UK

Jeff Zhang - Global Expo Cargo Ltd., China

Jerome Perrin - Global Exposition Services, France

David Leigh - GT Exhibitions UK + ME, UK+UAE

Joris Leonaers - Heavy Logistics, Belgium

Olaniyi Lawal - IAL Nigeria Limited, Nigeria

Vivian Brodigan - Interflow Logistics, Ireland

Beverley Marchi - Interflow Logistics, Ireland

Niall Thompson - Interflow Logistics, Ireland

Igor Lopes - Interlog, Brazil

Marcos Marcelo Souza - Interlog, Brazil

Richard Fullarton - Kanoo Events, Bahrain

Daniel Byijiu - Masstrans Freight LLC, Dubai

Anthony Miles - Masstrans Freight LLC, Dubai

Alexandra Bled - MEET SAS, France

Claude Guyot - MEET SAS, France

Gernot Iven - Merkur Expo Logistics GmbH, Germany

Ivana Brundi - NAC Expeditions, Italy 

Andrey Belyaev - OOO BTG Exhibition Logistics, Russia

Chiara Rossolimo Bergamini - OTIM Spa, Italy

Vaidas Beniusis - PAN-LITService, Lithuania

Marius Karuzas - PAN-LITService, Lithuania

Mark Novosielskij - PAN-LITService, Lithuania

Rodrigo Lalli - Podium Global Sports Logistics, Brazil

Jorge Koszeg - Pro Kio S de RL de CV, Mexico

Praveen Suri - R.E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd., India

Shrenik Jain - R.E. Rogers India Pvt. Ltd., India

Yolanda de Paz - Resa Internacional Events, Spain

Gerald Pillai - Rhema Events & Arts Services Pte Ltd, Singapore

Rogier Lecluse - SAAN Trucking, Netherlands

Makis Mavroeidis - SBA Cargo d.o.o, Serbia

Silvia Rosin - Schenker Italiana S.p.A, Italy

Daniel Bird - Schenker Ltd., Fairs & Events, UK

Michelle Bird - Schenker Ltd., Fairs & Events, UK

Lela Ceric - Sempex AG, Switzerland

Christian Boehme - Sempex AG, Switzerland

Xin Zhang - Shanghai Hi-Expo International Logistics Co. Ltd., China

Lee Alford - SITE Event Logistics, UAE

Michael Lin - Sky Faith International Freight Co. Ltd, China

Stephen O'Connell - SOS Global Express, USA

Norman Self - SOS Global Express, USA

Michael Tenenbaum - SOS Global GmbH, Germany

Stevie Cameron - Stevie Cameron Event Logistics, Scotland

Lily Zhu - The Regency Express Co. Ltd., China

Yvonne Gibbs - Transit Air Cargo, USA

Jeaneal Rooker - Transit Air Cargo, USA

Axel Leuret - Transnatur, SA, Spain

Amit Singh - Transpole Logistics pvt Ltd., India

Chris Chan - Unitex Logistics Ltd., China

Karen Ngo - Unitex Logistics Ltd., Hong Kong

Magdalena Drewek - Universal Express SP. z.o.o., Poland

Urmas Palk - UPEX LS Ltd., Estonia

Sidnei Brandão - Ventana Serra Shows & Events, Brazil

Jean-Marc Salmon - Ziegler Expo Logistics, Belgium

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